Winter Wonderland Wedding Inspiration*


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Weddings are a special event in a woman’s’ life that she looks forward to. Commitment is the most important thing in someone’s life, even if you don’t want it deep down you know you deserve it. I came across an amazing site called Paperless Post and I have to say, that website inspired this post I’m writing for you guys today. In my case I’m not engaged or married but would love to be one day. If I were to get married “Winter Wonderland” would def be my theme. It looks beautiful and elegant. This picture above is giving me life! How glamorous those that look ♥

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Christmas && New Years ♥

Hello Everyone,

First I would like to say Merry Late Christmas! I know, I know I’m so lateeee, I’ve just been so busy with my life that I’m just not in the mood to write, but today is your lucky day. I hope you guys had a great Christmas, I would love to hear all the things you did. I pretty much just spend it at home with my family, what better way to spend it with the people I love!I thought I’d share just some of the special things my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, and what we gave our little man.

IMG_0688Our Beautiful Christmas Tree ♥


My son and his gifts.


My Christmas Goodies!

The New Year is soon approaching, all I wish for is health for my family and I, my new car and insurance free for a year! What is your new years resolution? I mean honestly the year flew the hell by!


Birthday Goodies & New Job!

Hey everyone so last month was my birthday, I just wanted to quickly post some of the things my amazing boyfriend got me and talk about my new job!


I was wicked excited when my boyfriend gave me my gifts, he couldn’t wait himself lol he had to give it to me at midnight. I got a MK logo bag with matching wallet, a desperately needed Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and a Pandora bracelet since my old one broke. I couldn’t be anymore happy. I have already used the palette twice and I am absolutely in love with it, the colors are so sheen and perfect. I will be doing a couple of MOTD and a review on it soon. 🙂

Besides that…

      I GOT A NEW JOB! I am extremely grateful for this job since it came at the right moment. Working at a Urology office is great, you learn so many new things and all these procedures. Right now I’m in the administration side but I am slowly working on getting to the Medical Assisting department. I love my new job, I feel so blessed at this moment, everything is going great financially and so glad that it came right before the holidays!

What have you guys been up to?


4 Favorite 2015 AMA looks!


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Hey everyone, so yesterday was a crazy night watching the American Music Awards, J-Lo absolutely slayeeeeed. Even though there were a lot of nice looks I narrowed it down to my favorite 4 looks.

Kendall Jenner


I think her look is kick ass. I love her bangs and shows!

Demi Lovato


I can’t stop staring at this pic, Demi looks so stunning! She really improved from the VMA’s a couple of months back. Everything is just perfect.

Ciara Harris


Can I get a Hot damn? Wow I absolutely love this dress, I’m obsessed with the details and sequence in this dress. Work it girl.

Selena Gomez


You can really tell Selena has completely mature, she looks so elegant. No wonder Biebz is drooling over her. She’s finally finding herself.

As you can tell I’m kind of loving the dark looks.

What were your favorite looks from last night?


Have a purse you don’t want anymore? This is what you can do…



Hey everyone, I know I know it’s been over a week I haven’t made a post. I’ve been so busy with my new job, trying to find a second job, balancing off my lifestyle and all the birthday/holiday festivities soon approaching. Yikes! First thing is first, How are you guys? I’ve missed you!

I was on Facebook a couple of minutes ago and came across a shared post of a woman named Adrienne Langley. She shared an idea with Facebook which I thought was something so brilliant. Being the person I am, I thought it would be great to pass it along and show you guys so that you can do it too!


Like come on isn’t this such a good idea! I have like 2-3 purses sitting at the top of my closet that I constantly contemplate if to throw out or give away. I should have thought of something like THIS! Ladies, what do you think? Just imagine if it where you as a homeless person and a complete stranger just came up to you and gave you a purse with all these goodies? I would be so thankful. There is no doubt about a woman not liking a purse she will gladly take it. Share the love!

I’ll be sure to pass along all the posts and ideas that I think are convenient for you guys.


5 YouTubers you should totally follow..


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Hey everyone.

I’m pretty sure you guys are just as obsessed as I am when it comes to watching YouTube videos. My favorite videos would have to be anything related to makeup, fashion, pregnancy/wedding announcements, DIY home remedies and organization. I’m an addict when it comes to that kind of stuff. I wanted to share with you guys the top 5 gurus I love! Who knows you might even know them. 

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Fall Wedding Essentials


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     Marriage is something that every little girl dreams of when blossoming into a woman. To find that special man in your life that you can completely be yourself around and that will give you unconditional love like no other. Marriage is such a symbolic event in a woman’s life which should be envisioned in the perfect way. Us woman can be very overbearing when it comes to the perfect wedding, every detail has to be beyond compare. Continue reading